Shandon Type

is a typographic design studio focusing on better reading experiences.
Set up by John-Daniel Harrington, the studio has been set up to deal specifically with typographic issues in visual communication. I design wordmarks, and shape sentences for publishers and agencies. My knowledge of historical letterforms and contemporary developments enable me to create unique custom letter designs with rhythm for print or screen. If you need something that is typographic by nature, then I am at your service.

Typography is an unnoticed craft. Like plumbing, you’d only notice it when it is broken. The work is often invisible, yet its value is always felt.


Shandon Type is the professional moniker for John-Daniel Harrington (b. 1983), an Irish typeface designer and typographer. I am based in Cork, after studying an MA in typeface design (see the work) at University of Reading. Prior to that I worked for Penguin Books in London, and Atlas in Spain. Shandon Type provides intelligent typographic communication. You should hire me because I like money and you like exceptional design, thoughtfully crafted and considered.


Every project is different, so there is no templates or routine formula. But there are some important values adhered to.

I identify and clarify the aims and objectives for the reader. Then remove any noise that may hinder this experience. Creating meaningful work demands accountability and clear goals that are measurable. I also value the journey as a process, as well as the outcome.

In every single detail the work represents the highest possible quality. This commitment requires skillful craftmanship. Marrying form with content and function.

You are working hands on with the designer, not an intermediary. Small overheads, thinking big. Working together and prototyping from day one.

What I do

Enabling clearer written communication. This includes transforming visual identities and brands and helping businesses grow. I specialize in textual communication, reading experiences and products across mobile devices, printed matter, web, and broadcast.


Feel free to holler about anything. Studio hours 10am - 7pm, Mon—Sat

Gate Design House
North Gate Bridge
+353 (0)85 2099 252

This website is in development. Thanks for the visit. Please feel free to holler about any ideas or projects.